Journalists play a powerful role as shapers of public discourse. As we document the story of the nation and the world, we have a duty to be more racially inclusive in our choices about what to cover and who to consult. It is our job to tell the stories of an inclusive of the “other” America, Our America. Reporting upstream and through an inclusive lens that uses fault-lines leads to a better reflection of the communities we serve. Our America is a collection of reports focused on reporting on race and ethnicity with nuance. Every single story that we publish is produced to be shared across platforms and employs a wide mix of multimedia including slideshows, podcasts, infographics and charts, art and animations, maps, timelines, original documents, and longform videos. The goal of Our America is that our informed reporting truly leads to liberty and justice for all.

The collection of stories are a product of Professor Ayala’s advanced seminar on reporting about race and ethnicity.

Our America is partially funded by NBCU Academy.